Membership Fee's for 2020   
1 x Child   £35
2 x Children  £60
Each Child thereafter  £18.00
Please note all lesson fees will remain the same at £3.50 per session   

Swimming Hats
All members of Broadway Amateur Swimming Club must wear a swimming hat in the pool. The first hat will be issued annualy free of charge, replacements are available to purchase upon request to Pat Glew at a cost of £4.50. If a hat is forgotton for the first time you will be be able to borrow one, however if this continues to happen, you may be refused access to the pool nobody will be allowed to enter the pool without one.

Could all parents / guardians please notify the club if their child isn't able to attend the swimming club via either email (can be found on our contact us page) or by the club telephone number.  If a child has been absent for a period of 4 weeks or more without notification the club reserves the right to cancel their membership

ASA Award Files..... these are great for storing Awards/Badges your child receives, available on request at £6 please see Pat or Nicola.  

We also can supply Goggles at a cost of £2.50 a pair.