BROADWAY AMATEUR SWIMMING CLUB was started in 1967 by Mr & Mrs Frank Potter and a committe was duly appointed, elected on this committee was Mr & Mrs Johnson, Mr & Mrs middleton & Mr & Mrs T Leach.

Mr Potter,already a respected and qualified coach for the council had previously decided to give his time to the local community children. Mrs Monica Johnson,also a qualified coach for the ASA joined him in the formation of Broadway ASC.

At the time, for the first year of getting established it relied on the goodwill of the parents to become involved, but was quitely successful in local galas and also in the Central Lancashire League. It was about 1985 that Bill Andrew, a keen swimmer from his youth became involved. Seeing so much potential in how the club was running and worked alongside Mr Potter to gain experience and hone his expertise and gradually feel confident enough to eventually succeed Mr Potter as chief coach.

Our aims and objectives at this stage was to put in a rolling programme for future years and encourage the talent of our members in water safety, discipline, dedication and swimming stroke improvement, which would benefit them.

It has always been apparent at Broadway ASC to have good team support and make sure all poolside staff are highly qualified, not only with ASA teachers certificate but with the National Pool Lifeguard qualifications

Today we still wish to maintain our voluntary independent status, all of our teachers / helpers and committee members are volunteers, We will never refuse any help that could benefit the club and always welcome additional support.

Our poolside helpers have all come through the club most of which started with us from the age of 5, We believe and it is our hope that our young swimmers can and will become our future teachers.

We are successful with our voluntary committee, teachers and overall enthusiasm.

Broadway ASC Committee.